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Best pricing

Welcome to Finch Movers Half Moon Bay! One out of every five Californians searches for Half Moon Bay Movers each year. Now that you have found yourself among this group, you can make your move positive and exciting experience with Finch Movers – one of the best Half Moon Bay moving companies. Gas fee may apply. 3 hours of moving services minimum. Here you will find the best prices.

Moving and Storage Company and Services in Half Moon Bay CA

When we have to move to another place, it’s important to find those carriers who will take good care of our stuff!

One of the most known moving companies in Half Moon Bay is Finch, which can provide services of storage and moving.

Our licensed trucks and responsible movers provide trouble-free transportation of your stuff with a list of great advantages! Moving and storage in Half Moon Bay is no longer an ongoing difficulty! It’s so because we offer the one-stop solution!

What makes us special among other movers and packers in Half Moon Bay?

The best price on the market

Most of our competitors unreasonably inflate prices. However, if you decide to cooperate with us, then the only additional fee you can pay for is the gas consumption. This cost-effective offer guarantees significantly saving finances!

Professional advice

Half Moon Bay quality moving includes such important aspects as consultation and advice from professionals. We can make this process more comfortable thanks to the many years of experience of our employees! They know the best way to organize moving and packing of everything.

Licensed Movers

Firstly, you have to answer yourselves for a few important questions, when you choose moving and storage company and services in Half Moon Bay CA.
  • Is the mover official?
  • Could the company give me guarantee in case of an unforeseen situation?

Each customer can contact the PUC to verify the license. This is the easiest way to find out everything about us.

Finch Moving & Storage offers a wide range of services. There are several of it:

Free Estimate

This service is the confirmation that our company has full service movers in Half Moon Bay.

If you are planning your move, but also you don’t know how many days and resources it will take at all, then our professionals go to your aid conducting a free estimate!

We will make an approximate schedule and determine how long the transportation of your belongings will take time.

Office Relocation

We are regularly contacted by office workers when they need to move from one office to another. It is very important to find the highest quality company among the huge choice of moving services in Half Moon Bay CA. We will help you carefully organize the move and minimize changes to your workflow schedule as much as possible. We guarantee you the development of a unique move  plan that will be tailored to you.

Packing Services

90% of success in moving consists in how well the things are packed. Presence of Packing Service in our company reaffirms that we are full of care treating each of your things. We want to make Half Moon Bay Move a comfortable event without fear that some things will suffer. Property under reliable control of Finch!

This is only a small part of what you will face trusting us. Among our services are also present

  • Storage
  • Loading & Unloading

  • Local Movers

  • Small Moves

  • Long Distance Movers